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Professional Dog Trainer Vs. Do-It-Yourself, What's the Better Option? by Kevin Johns - ArticleCity.com

Professional Dog Trainer Vs. Do-It-Yourself, What's the Better Option?
 by: Kevin Johns
We all seem to agree that professional dog training classes is the way to go, right?

Nope, I cannot agree with that statement and I'll tell you why.

Not everyone who wants to have a well behaved dog has access to professional dog training. Having a dog is costly enough and then to add the cost of an expensive trainer on top of all that takes the cake.

What are the options available to people who don't have cars? I don't have a car, but I am lucky enough that the trainer's school is nearby. However, not all people have that option.

There's got to be a better way to communicate proper techniques to your dog. Some people will still need to see a trainer in person, I suppose, but for many people acquiring the services of a professional dog trainer isn't an option.

I visited a website the other day that had short videos and explanations of many clicker training techniques. Obviously, I know every dog is going to react differently to situations, but most people would notice that and figure out how to relate it to their particular dog. And if they care enough to attempt to train their dog at home, who's to say they can only succeed with a professional trainer?

I was told tonight that because I don't have car I shouldn't have a dog. Because I choose not to have a car I should not be blessed with the companionship and joy that comes with having a dog in my life. By that same line of thought one could also say that the elderly, the disabled, and anyone not planning on buying a house should not have a dog either.

Critics will argue there are other pets that I could own such as a cat or a goldfish. That is a horrible thing to say to someone - dogs have so much more to offer. Am I right or do I just need to take the chill pill?

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